Rent DJ Equipment in Singapore

Rent DJ Equipment in Singapore

Are you an event organiser, DJ, or musician/singer?

With a selection of DJ controllers and systems available for rental, we at Pulse Rental aim to be your one-stop solution!

While most of our equipment are self-owned, we are working with other DJs, musicians and rental providers to grow our catalogue of equipment for you to choose.

The very last thing we want for your event is for you to hire the best performers and not have their voices or music deliver at their best because of the lack of optimal equipment. Don’t do that to the people you’re hiring.

As performing DJs ourselves, we know how it feels to rock up to an event we’re engaged for and realise that the speakers and system are not suited for the venue’s size.

Browse through our catalogue of available equipment for rental, and hit us up if you need any advice or recommendations!

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